How to get rid of Pigeons

Feral pigeons are a common sight in urban and suburban environments like south west London. Their droppings are not only unsightly they can also cause damage to property and buildings, while their nesting and roosting areas can attract insects and mites that may cause health problems.

Pigeons feed on the ground in flocks or individually, and will roost together on almost any accessible spaces. They breed throughout the year but peak times are spring and summer, and some pigeons have been known to live for 40 years. While their descendant the rock dove would nest on cliff faces, pigeon nesting sites today are more likely to be found on buildings, ledges and roof spaces.

Common pigeon problems

Pigeons live in flocks of anywhere between 50 and 500 birds. They are hosts to parasitic pests like ticks, fleas and bird mites which can spread to people. Pigeon droppings can be a big problem when it blocks gutters and pipes and creates slip hazards, and on buildings it not only looks unsightly, but its acidity also means it can be corrosive to some materials. Dust spores from dried droppings can be inhaled and carried on the wind, and have been known to cause a flu-like illness in people.

How to prevent a pigeon infestation

Pigeons like to roost in roof spaces and can shift loose or damaged tiles to get in. Any gap larger than 25mm is a potential entry point, so blocking these off is a good way of preventing a pigeon infestation at your home or business.

The best way to stop pigeons roosting and nesting on your property is to ask a professional pest control company to fix pigeon spikes to ledges and fireproof netting to balconies and similar areas.

How to get rid of pigeons

You may need professional pest control to get rid of pigeons and stay bird-free. Masons Pest Control works in homes, businesses, blocks of flats, car parks and public buildings using effective, discreet and humane methods to keep nuisance birds away. Our services include:

  • Free site survey and fixed quote
  • Clean and clear away debris
  • Supply and fix pigeon spikes and fire-proof netting
  • Spray area with insecticide to reduce mite or other insect infestation
  • Give prevention advice to help stop future bird problems

For more information please see our bird control page.

Scientific name


Life span

6 years

Did you know

Pigeon guano may be a problem now, but three or four hundred years ago it was a highly-prized fertilizer and also used to make gunpowder.