Bird control

Birds can become a real nuisance when they’re roosting and nesting in the wrong place. It’s not only their mess that causes problems, they can also damage property by loosening roof tiles and blocking guttering.

In south west London and Surrey the most common nuisance birds are feral pigeons. There are some steps you can take to keep them away from your property, like blocking off holes and securing rubbish bins and other food sources. However sometimes you need professional bird control to keep your home or business bird-free.

How we can help

Masons Pest Control works in homes, businesses, blocks of flats, car parks and public buildings using effective, discreet and humane methods to keep nuisance birds away. Our services include:

  • Free site survey and fixed quote
  • Clean and clear away debris
  • Supply and fix pigeon spikes and fire-proof netting
  • Spray area with insecticide to reduce mite or other insect infestation
  • Give prevention advice to help stop future bird problems

Call us today and book a visit to assess your bird problem. We can then recommend the best way to deal with it, including bird deterrents, bird proofing systems and prevention advice.

Birds pest control

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