Privacy policy

Our Data Protection Policy describes the categories of personal data we process and for what purposes. We are committed to collecting and using this data fairly and in accordance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

This data protection policy will become effective from 25th May 2018.

  1. Introduction

1.1 We take your privacy seriously and you can find out more here about your privacy rights and how we gather, use and share your personal information. This includes the personal information we already hold about you now and the further personal information we might collect about you, either from you or from a third party. How we use your personal information will depend on the products and services we provide to you.

1.2 Our Data Protection Officer (DPO) provides help and guidance to make sure we apply the best standards to protecting your personal information. Our DPO can be reached by email at, or by post at 130 Fulwell Road, Teddington TW11 0RQ.

See section 3 Your Privacy Rights for more information about your rights and how our DPO can help you.

1.3 This privacy policy provides up to date information about how we use your personal information and will update any previous information we have given you about using your personal information (also referred to as personal data). We will update this privacy policy if we make any significant changes affecting how we use your personal information, and if so we will contact you to let you know about the change.

  1. About us

We are what is known as the ‘controller’ of personal information we gather and use. When we say ‘we’ or ‘us’ in this Privacy Notice, we mean Masons Pest Control, 130 Fulwell Road, Teddington TW11 0RQ.

  1. Your privacy rights

3.1 You have the right to object to how we use your personal information. You also have the right to see what personal information we hold about you. In addition, you can ask us to correct inaccuracies, delete or restrict personal information or to ask for some of your personal information to be provided to someone else. You can make a complaint to us by finding the best way to be in touch via the details on our website:

You can also make a complaint to the data protection supervisory authority, the Information Commissioner’s Office, at To make enquires for further information about exercising any of your rights in this Privacy Notice please contact our DPO by post at Masons Pest Control, 130 Fulwell Road, Teddington TW11 0RQ.

  1. What kinds of personal information we use

4.1 We use a variety of personal information depending on the products and services we deliver to you. For all products and services, we need to use your name, address and contact details.

4.2 Sometimes where we ask for information needed to enter into a contract with you, we will not be able to provide some products or services without that personal information.

  1. How we gather your personal information

We obtain personal information:

– directly from you, for example when you contact us online, by email or over the phone

– from organisations associated with you including management companies, landlords and neighbours

We also may obtain some personal information from monitoring or recording calls. We may record or monitor phone calls with you for regulatory purposes, for training and to ensure and improve quality of service delivery, to ensure safety of our staff and customers, and to resolve queries or issues.

  1. How we use your personal information

To provide you with any products and services we need to know your name and address. We might also need health information to help support our customers who have a vulnerability.

We sometimes need to gather, use and share additional personal information for specific purposes, which are set out in more detail below.

6.1 To operate and administer our products and services, including dealing with your complaints and fixing our mistakes

6.2 To administer payments from you

6.4 To comply with our legal obligations, to support our vulnerable customers

6.5 For financial management and debt recovery purposes

6.6 To enable payments to third parties who may have introduced you to us

6.7 To carry out market research and analysis to develop and improve our products and services

6.8 To market products and services to you from us or our partners

6.9 Personal information requirements for Business customers

7.Our legal basis for using your personal information

7.1 We only use your personal information where that is permitted by the laws that protect your privacy rights. We only use personal information where:

– we have your consent (if consent is needed)

– we need to use the information to comply with our legal obligations

– we need to use the information to perform a contract with you

– it is fair to use the personal information either in our interests or someone else’s interests, where there is no disadvantage to you. This can include where it is in our interests to contact you about products or services, market to you, or collaborate with others to improve our services.

Where we have your consent, you have the right to withdraw it. We will let you know how to do that at the time we gather your consent.

7.2 Special protection is given to certain kinds of personal information that is particularly sensitive. This is information about your health status, racial or ethnic origin, political views, religious or similar beliefs, sex life or sexual orientation, genetic or biometric identifiers, trade union membership or criminal convictions or allegations. We will only use this kind of personal information where:

– we have a legal obligation to do so

– it is necessary for us to do so to protect your vital interests

– it is in the substantial public interest

– it is necessary for the prevention or detection of crime

– it is necessary for insurance purposes

– you have specifically given us explicit consent to use the information

  1. Sharing your personal information with or getting your personal information from others

8.1 We will share personal information within our company where we need to do that to make products and services available to you, market products and services to you, meet or enforce a legal obligation or where it is fair and reasonable for us to do so. We will only share your personal information to the extent needed for those purposes.

8.2 Who we share your personal information with depends on the products and services we provide to you and the purposes we use your personal information for. For most products and services we will share your personal information with our own service providers such as our IT Suppliers.

8.3 Most of the time the personal information we have about you is information you have given to us, or gathered by us in the course of providing products and services to you.

  1. How long we keep your personal information for

9.1 How long we keep your personal information for depends on the products and services we deliver to you. We will never retain your personal information for any longer than is necessary for the purposes we need to use it for.

10.Keeping you up to date

10.1 We will communicate with you about products and services we are delivering using any contact details you have given us – for example by post, email and notifications on our website.

10.2 Where you have given us consent to receive marketing, you can withdraw consent, and update your marketing preferences by calling us directly. For contact details, visit our website on

  1. Your online activities

11.1We may use cookies to track your use of our websites We may use cookies to provide tailored marketing messages when you are logged into our website, if you have given us consent.