Super rats found in London gardens

Super rat

There has been lots in the press lately about the rise of the ‘super rat’. Apparently giant cat-sized rodents are being found in gardens across London, and are immune to poisons laid down by pest control companies.

Just to reassure you, as a pest controller, we haven’t found any super rats on our watch in south west London or Surrey, and haven’t noticed that they are becoming immune to the BPCA-approved bait we use either. Rats always vary in size, you may be surprised how big some can be (and always have been), but we haven’t noticed any giant new breeds.

Cold weather

Cold, wet weather always draws rats and mice towards warm, dry habitats where there is a source of food – which can be a house, garage or shed – and this time of year is usually a busy time for pest controllers dealing with rodents. Just as summer is busy for wasps, and autumn/winter for squirrels. In our experience we haven’t noticed there are more rat problems this year than any other.

Rat advice

If you find rats in your garden or house, we always recommend calling your local council first as most councils offer a free service for rodent control. If your council doesn’t do this, or you prefer the peace of mind of hiring yourself, then give Masons Pest Control a call and we can deal with your rat problem quickly and safely, and we’ll also give advice on how to prevent the rats coming back.

Simple steps like making sure any compost piles or bins are rat-resistant, trying to keep the ground clear of seeds and nuts dropping out of bird feeders, and keeping any bin areas secure, are a good place to start.


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