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Super rat

Super rats found in London gardens

There has been lots in the press lately about the rise of the ‘super rat’. Apparently giant cat-sized rodents are being found in gardens across London, and are immune to poisons laid down by pest control companies. Just to reassure you, as a pest controller, we haven’t found any super rats on our watch in south […]

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Bird control and how to keep birds off window ledges

Masons Pest Control tried out a great new method of bird control this week, in particular keeping birds off window ledges. We used Bird-Free deterrent to keep some troublemaking magpies away from window putty. Bird-Free relies on the fact birds see ultraviolet light, so they think the small, shallow, pre-dosed dishes are fire. They are also laced with […]

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New rat Hantavirus treatment

Masons Pest Control offers a treatment against Hantavirus, an airborne virus affecting rats and humans. The Hantavirus is a risk to public health because it is the only rodent-borne disease in the UK that can be inhaled. The virus is commonly found in North and South America and affects breathing and circulation in humans. It causes […]

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Winter weather warning for rats and mice

Freezing wet winter weather isn’t just awful for us, rats and mice aren’t too keen on it either. In fact they may decide they’ve had enough, pack their bags and head indoors in search of warmth, shelter and food. If you’ve noticed signs of a rat or mouse infestation – see our website for info – then don’t […]

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Problem with foxes

We’ve been getting lots of calls about fox problems lately. One customer whose garden backs onto a railway line regularly sees the same fox in his garden, sunning itself on his shed roof. Then last week he heard a noise in his house and came downstairs to find the same fox urinating in his kitchen! With two young […]

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Pest control information cockroach


I can’t say we’ve ever had a problem with cockroach eradication, but this is interesting reading. See our cockroach section on this website to find out more about how we can successfully deal with your cockroach infestation.

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Queen wasps coming out of hibernation and honey bees

It’s the first of May and you should start to see queen wasps and swarming honey bees. Hopefully the wasps will make a comeback after the disappointing spring and summer weather we had last year. I’ve seen over a dozen queen wasps in lofts, and even in my garden, already. A queen wasp is nearly […]

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