Bird control and how to keep birds off window ledges

Masons Pest Control tried out a great new method of bird control this week, in particular keeping birds off window ledges. We used Bird-Free deterrent to keep some troublemaking magpies away from window putty.

Bird-Free relies on the fact birds see ultraviolet light, so they think the small, shallow, pre-dosed dishes are fire. They are also laced with all types of spices which get right up birds’ beaks (noses), which is an extra incentive to keep away.

And so far so good – Bird-Free is a great new method of bird control. Since fixing it to the window ledge last week the house owner has reported no further magpie trouble. What’s really great about Bird-Free is that it’s harmless to birds and other animals (including humans), and unlike pigeon spikes it can appear invisible from the ground. This makes it popular at sites like Covent Garden Market and Paddington Station in London, and the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Sagarda Familia in Barcelona.

Read the Bird-Free case study here.

Magpie Case Study MPC

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