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WaspDo you have a wasp problem?

Masons Pest Control has over 35 years’ experience dealing with wasp problems in houses, gardens and workplaces. Wasps can become a real nuisance in the summer months when they build nests in many roofs, attics, sheds, garages and gardens, and even inside houses.

If you are experiencing problems with wasps and think you may have a wasp nest on your property, the first thing to do is not panic. Try to find where the nest is by carefully following the flight path of returning wasps to see where they are heading.

If you think the nest may become a danger to yourself or others then we recommend you don’t try and deal with it yourself. Instead phone Masons Pest Control on 0208 9776894 and one of our BPCA-qualified technicians can deal with your wasp problem quickly and safely.

More about wasps

Wasps are large, conspicuous buzzing insects with yellow and black striped, wasp-waisted bodies 10-15mm long. They have a sweet tooth at one end and a painful sting at the other. However they are not particularly hostile creatures and will usually only sting if they are aggravated.

The queen wasp is larger (20mm) and she hibernates over winter, making a nest in the spring in which to lay her eggs. She feeds the grubs on insects until they develop into worker wasps, three to four weeks later. Workers, all sterile females, forage for over a mile in search of food. One nest may produce 30,000 wasps in a year.

Where do they live?

Wasp nests are typically found in trees, bushes and earth banks, and also make themselves at home in roof spaces and wall cavities of buildings. They build nests out of chewed up wood and wasp saliva, which is what gives them their papery-looking walls – you can see some photos in our gallery. They build nests every year, with the colder months killing off workers and males. Only the young queens survive the winter to make new nests the following spring.

Why are wasps considered a pest?

At their peak in August and September with the youngsters reared, the workers turn to the sweet food they prefer and become a nuisance wherever this is available. This is when we find wasps buzzing around food and drinks in pub gardens or at picnics and barbeques. Wasps are not hostile creatures, but if annoyed or threatened, they will sting and the best remedy – after removing the sting with a clean finger nail – is to apply a cold compress and anti-histamine. Some people react violently to being stung and will need urgent medical attention.

Call Masons Pest Control now for free advice on wasps, and to book a BPCA-qualified pest control technician to deal with your wasp problem quickly and safely.

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