About Pigeons

Descendents of the Rock Dove, feral pigeons are around 33cm in length and a common sight in town and city centres.

Where do they live?

Pigeons feed on the ground in flocks or individually. In an urban environment they will roost together in buildings or on walls or statues. Pigeons breed at any time of the year, but peak times are spring and summer. Two eggs are usually laid and incubation lasts around three weeks. Nesting sites can be found on artificial cliff faces created by buildings with accessible ledges or roof spaces.

Do pigeons cause harm?

An undisputed pigeon problem is the mess caused by their droppings. Fouling of buildings not only looks unsightly, but is also destructive due to its acidity. Droppings can block gutters and pipes, create slip hazards and also encourage insects to infect buildings. Dust spores from dried droppings can be inhaled and carried on the wind, and have been known to cause a flu-like illness in people. Bird fleas and mites can lead to further problems for humans.

How can I get rid of them?

Masons Pest Control will assess your pigeon problem and give you a fixed quote before starting work. An engineer will clear the area of pigeons and pigeon waste, put up spikes or netting to stop pigeons returning, and spray against mites and insects.

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